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The Inspiring Journey of GOVIND SWEETS

In the bustling streets of Sadar Bazar, Mandsaur (M.P), where traditions thrive and flavors enchant a remarkable shop began its tale in the year 1964. Founded by the visionary Late Mr. Govind Ramji Bhavsar, GOVIND MISTHAN emerged as a beacon of culinary excellence. Today, we celebrate the sweet success and enduring legacy that spans four generations.

Under the able guidance of our Dadaji, the shop began its humble journey with the creation of the finest Sabji Pudi. The mouthwatering flavors and impeccable quality swiftly captivated the taste buds of customers, laying the foundation for a legacy of delectable delights.

Continuing the family’s commitment to excellence, Mr. Umesh Kumar Ji Bhavsar, took charge and relocated the shop to the bustling BPL Chouraha in Mandsaur. In 2011, he ventured into the world of baking, introducing a delightful range of bakery products. The aroma of fresh bread, cakes, and pastries soon permeated the air, earning the admiration and loyalty of patrons. In 2015, the legacy expanded further as the shop ventured into the taste of Namkeens. The fusion of traditional recipes with modern flavors delighted customers.

Today, with the unwavering support of our valued customers, GOVIND SWEETS stands tall as a testament to the cherished motto of “Parampara aur Swad Ek Sath” (Tradition and Taste Together). Mr. Manish Bhavsar and Mr. Manoj Bhavsar, the grandson of govind ramji carrying forward this tradition with blessings.

GOVIND SWEETS is a celebration of heritage, taste, and the enduring spirit of family. We are honored to be part of your lives, and we look forward to continuing to enchant your taste buds for generations to come.

Real Taste

From indulgent mithai, chocolatey sweets and bengali doused treats, we have something to put everyone in a good mood!

What Our Client Says

Govind Sweets is always on the quality & the taste of the product. Govind Sweet always make sure & use best quality raw material from all across India to make our sweets. They do this in order to give their customers the real & original taste. Each and every sweet has a different and original taste. The range of Govind sweets include almost all the important and famous sweets in Mandsaur and all over India.

Kaivalya Techno Soft

Always provide delicious and quality sweets. With time the quality of the sweets are not compromised as other famous sweets shop of Mandsaur. I only prefer to buy sweets from Govind Sweets only. Prices are little high as compared to other shops but the quality of the sweets can justify the prices.

Gunjan Arora

Govind sweets is one of the most unique sweet shops in Mandsaur offering most innovative and wide variety of sweets ranging from traditional to modern category. The sweets are hygienically displayed and stored. The quality of sweets is also very good. My most recommended sweets are Ras Malai Laddoo, Gulab jamun, Kaju Katli.

Robert J

Our Team

We have been serving customers since 1964 and we will want to continue this tradition for as long as we can. 

Umesh Kumar Bhawsar


Manish Kumar Bhawsar

Managing Director

Manoj Kumar Bhawsar

Managing Director

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